Airport Gate Control System

You should design the controller that resides within an airport gate turnstile. A communication diagram for the logic is shown below. (We haven't formally introduced this type of diagram, but you can read it similar to a deployment diagram. The blue arrows symbolize messages sent between the components.)

A communication diagram for the controller and its connected components.  

Delivery and Process: Create a single Word document with all your diagrams and answers combined.

Task 1: Selected Scenarios

Design three separate sequence diagrams that include all components. These diagrams should document three different, selected scenarios, not the entire behavior possible. (Read the hints below before you start.)


Task 2: State Machine Design

Design a state machine for the controller based on the sequence diagrams.

Some help for starting:

Task 3: Turnstile - Controller

We now want to consider the interaction between the turnstile and the controller.

Your sequence diagrams contain a situation that is called mixed initiative.

Solution, Delivery and Reflection


Team Reflection

Individual Reflection