Team Roles

Whenever you work together in your teams, you should be aware of the different roles that make your team efficient. Often, such roles are assigned implicitly. In this course, we define and assign roles explicitly and you should try different roles regularly.

Each week, each team member can have one ore more roles. As a start, we define at least the following roles:






Make sure that you switch roles each week, and that everybody has each role several times during the course. These are the base roles we see as necessary and helpful. Start with these. During the semester you may evolve role definitions as you see need for it.

Rules and Guidelines

The course is organized so that you can determine many details on your own. But teamwork and the relatively complex deliveries require that you coordinate your work with yourself and also the other members of your team. We therefore formulate a set of rules and guidelines that you should follow, and that should make everything easier for everybody.

Talk English

Depending on the number of exchange students, most teams will have a member that does not speak Norwegian. In this case, the working language is English.