There is no final written exam in the course. Your final grade for this course will consist of three components:

Combinations of different elements towards the final grade.  


Each RAT is a combination of the individual RAT and the team RAT. The individual counts 70% and the team counts 30%. At the end of the semester, we only count the best 7 out of 9 RATs.

Team Deliveries T1, T2, T3

The team deliveries document your progress with the system. T1 and T2 are not directly graded, but you receive feedback to them and base the final team delivery T3 on many of the elements of T1 and T2.

Peer Evaluation

Three times during the semester, at the same time as the individual deliveries I1, I2, I3, you also deliver a peer evaluation. This evaluation assigns points to your teammates, and rewards them for good contributions to the teamwork.

This is how it works technically:

After the submission, everyone gets a report on the points they have received.

A student distributing 100 points to the teammates.  



We have done peer review since 2016, and each year the reference group recommends to continue with peer review.

The majority of the scores that result from the peer review are located in a narrow intervall around 100, which means that the effect on the final grade is very little.

It seems that the peer review has a positive effect on the attention in the team to contribute.

Extra Rules

We will also discuss rules in class.

Individual Deliveries I1, I2, I3

These are three consecutive deliveries that build on each other, and encourage you to reflect about the course, your own role and progress, and how you reached the learning goals. I2 and I2 are not directly graded, but make it easier for you to write the final individual delivery I3.