Everyone involved in this course listens to your comments and feedback. Please do tell us if you think something can or should be improved, but also tell us if there is something that you really like. Most of the course was shaped by the students before you and their constructive feedback!

There are several ways to give feedback:

  1. Direct and immediate feedback to the course responsible (Frank Alexander) during class time.
  2. Direct feedback to the teaching assistants and student assistants.
  3. As discussion forum, we use Microsoft Teams. Use it to contact the course responsible or teaching assistants for any matters that are interesting for other students, too.
  4. Feedback via email, for private matters.
  5. Feedback via the student reference group (see below)
  6. Feedback via the term survey at the end of the semester

Reference Group

The reference group meets several times during the semester and gives feedback to the course responsible on behalf of all students. Members of the reference group are listed on Blackboard. The main concern is to provide constructive feedback on the learning outcome in the course, and anything related to that.


Name Role Email Room
Frank Alexander Kraemer Course Responsible B223
tbd Teaching Assistant